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We offers high quality products and excellent services catering to various businesses.
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Welcome To Test Trading:

Test Trading believes in supply-on-demand, excellent delivery, and complete fulfillment of promises based on superior quality and modern design. Trading is a language we genuinely understand; we pride ourselves on delivering quality products from the top manufacturers in the market right to our customers.


We cater to some of the primary industries that cover and include Raw Materials, Renewable energy, healthcare equipment and food supply. Moreover, we are also experts at special, customized projects and can help deliver a variety of other resources as per our client’s needs.

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Why Test Trading Is Better?

So, why is Test Trading better compared to any other trading company? We offer consultancy services to our clients as the first step to any goal. Driven by our extensive knowledge of the trading market, its trends, and the latest modern solutions, we can help push our clients towards success. Our array of solid relationships with both international and domestic manufacturers allows us to deliver products that are high in quality and perfection in design. Test Trading aims to create stable supply chains by connecting manufacturers and clients all across the globe. Currently, this is also explicitly targeted towards the African region as import-export to that area will enable us to create brand awareness and increase sales.


As per popular belief, any trading enterprise is supposed to channel import and export for businesses, and many do just that, but this is not the case for us. We strive to aid our clients and their businesses to grow continually, even if that is simply through supplying the correct equipment, ingredients, and raw materials. This growth is brought about by opening up new possibilities for our clients through our products and playing a social and humanitarian role by aiding innovation.

steel coils

Our dedication in serving our customers and we are ready to go the extra mile to gain the best customer satisfaction.

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Our Products and Services

Test Trading offers high-quality products and excellent services catering to various businesses. Our company can help you if you require high-quality raw materials, healthcare equipment, renewable energy resources, or anything related to the food supply.

metal raw material
Raw Materials

Since its establishment in 2009, Test Trading has offered high quality products and services while having their customers at the heart of the vision.

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solar panels
Renewable Energy & GENSets

Test Trading been a strategic partner with the customer ensuring timely and top tier quality supply of raw materials, including steel sheets, plastic grains, LPG equipment and much more.

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food imporvers
Food Supply

Bread Improver is a mix of various acids and enzymes that serve to strengthen the gluten in the flour and feed the yeast, both of which yield a better loaf.

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technologically advanced operating room
Medical Equipment

Our Medical Equipment includes; Laser light needles, Light needles with, injection, Soft light needle, External drainage monitoring systems, Drainage bags and much more.

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Aviation equipment supply
Others Special Projects

Test Trading also offers special projects where specific special equipment, parts, tools, material, and even chemicals can be arranged for the client on request.

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