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About Us:

Test Trading was founded in 2009 to create a global company that would become the best at trading. Initially, our company focused on renewable energy products, building material, and A/C equipment, but by 2014 we had branched out to other categories that included food products and even health equipment. Over the years, we grew constantly and now are some of the top names in the trading business.


We are based in Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates but are not bound to our region. We continually hope to grow and expand and make a more substantial reach into both the international and domestic markets. Test Trading can achieve all of this as it is backed up by senior management with various qualifications, including MBA, M.S. Finance, M.S. Project Management, and M.S. degrees.

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Our Vision:

To constantly grow and learn as a trading company. One that continually creates new relationships with clients and cherishes the old. We hope to be known as one of the best and continuously revolutionize our target market as top strategists and quality product suppliers.

Our Mission:

To develop unique, perfect, modern, and innovative solutions to all of our customers’ needs by importing and exporting high-quality raw materials, renewable energy resources, medical equipment, and food. To make sure that the first step to any problem-solving chain is to provide our knowledge and insight to our customers to help with understanding the market and its trends better.

Our Message

To establishing that we are not just another supplier, we are partners with our customers, we empower their growth and success.

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Our Philosophy

To play an essential role in the trade market by bringing together manufacturers and clients. We hope to make clients understand and assess the need for new, innovative products better, along with being able to stand ground in their target market. Furthermore, we also believe that by doing this, we can play a vast social and humanitarian role in making the world a better place for all people.

Our Core Values

Test Trading believes that employees, employers, and business partners are all equals and that everyone should have a say and must be respected. We believe in respecting and understanding each other, whether it is us as a trading company towards our clients or whether it is us as people within our own company. We also believe in going to extra lengths to satisfy our customers based on the same criteria.

Our Working Strategy

To build global relationships that will surpass all borders, time, and limitations through the supply of modern, innovative, and high-quality, sustainable products.

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Our Goals:

The main goals for us, as an organization are:


  • To lead the company to become one of the largest suppliers in the MENA region
  • To have the best administrative and financial strategies for a variety of activities
  • To increase the affordability of high-quality products and services

Our Achievements:

We have already made our mark by supplying electrical equipment such as power generators, street lights and LED lights. We are now targeting the health, food, and engineering industries. Our major success partners and suppliers include:


  • SDMO Generating Sets-France
  • Tekab Cables Factory- UAE
  • UPSs AROSS-Italy
  • Total lubricants
  • Carrier